Favorites of 2019

I've been going through the images I took this past year, trying to come up with a "Best of 2018" and finding it really difficult.  I was fortunate enough to have had trips to Charleston, cross country to NY, Colorado and Wyoming, not to mention the adventures I engage in with local photography friends. I got a lot of good pictures this year.  And, I have been actively practicing things to make me more creative, so, I am STILL trying to cull my selection down to a more manageable "Best of".  Meanwhile, I did have fun putting aside some of my favorites (more emotional choices than compositionally and technically accurate ones).

OK, so many of the top favorites are family - I am blessed to have a family that allows me to photograph them more than they'd like. They let me practice new techniques and oftentimes they will play along, allowing me to get something unusual.

Then there was the time they actually enjoyed the process - when I used my underwater housi…

Try a Landscape Workshop - It Will Be a Lifechanger

I have advocated for Landscape Workshops for some time. I went on one in 2008 to Vermont (with Moose Peterson), one in 2009 to Acadia National Park (with Robert Rodriguez, Jr.), one in 2015 to West Virginia (with Ed Heaton) and this year I choose to go to Rocky Mountain National Park with Kevin Gourley.

Kevin was thorough - he had us meet at his studio three times in advance - once just to socialize and see images of his that we were likely to shoot.  We met closer to the actual dates of the workshop to get information on the geography, receive a packet of info that included discounts and perks, and got a review of the exposure triangle, what we'd need to bring and reminders of the importance of settings, schedules and just about anything you could possibly need for preparation.

When we finally arrived, he provided us with another packet, this one filled with power bars, chocolate, packets of bug repellent and an official map of Rocky Mountain National Park.  I had been there twi…

While Vacationing, Try Something Different

We recently went for a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park and Grand Teton National Park, largely for me to enjoy my landscape photography. And I did. Tremendously.  But I noticed that White Water Rafting Trips were being offered by a few vendors. We chose to give it a try with "Dave Hansen Whitewater Trips".  It was definitely the hit of our vacation!  Especially since I brought my water-sealed case and enjoyed photography as well as bouncing in the beautiful water of the Snake River.  The day was PERFECT with 75 degree temperatures and beautiful Fall colors all around us.

Right off we saw an eagle.  Can you spot him? Try capturing him from a bouncing, splashing raft filled with 10 other people!  While my husband and several others paddled madly, I just sat there feeling like I'd discovered heaven. 

We had never met our fellow passengers before but we immediately all felt like old friends. I'm very proud of our paddlers for keeping us afloat.  I really didn't…

Beautiful Untermyer Park

I grew up in Yonkers, NY and yet I only discovered this park last year. Samuel Untermyer was a wealthy lawyer and prominent citizen in New York after the Civil War. His passion was his gardening and he set out to create one "that it be not less than the finest garden in the world." For more information about this amazing set of beautiful gardens, check out Untermyer Garden Conservancy.  

Recently I visited family in New York and after a long, tiring day, my sister Kath came and said "want to go visit Untermyer at sunset?" Suddenly I had an abundance of energy. Nothing sounded better than to see these marvelous gardens at the golden hour.

They did not disappoint.  The light hitting the abundance of unique flowers (at least, I don't see these varieties living in Texas) was just dazzling.  Everywhere we walked seemed to have new treasures to discover.  

And we only stayed in one area - The Walled Garden. I have been there before and there's another section called…