Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Keeping Busy

Well, as if packing up a house isn't enough to do, my past year's worth of marketing is finally paying off. A few lucrative jobs have come up and I'm doing what I do best - photographing events. I felt "part of the family" recently when I shot a Ribbon Cutting for Nerak. Maria and Simone were so much fun to work with - they and the Nerak staff - transformed an industrial site into a warm, inviting setup for a celebratory luncheon.

Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce came out in full force for a lovely, Autumn Ribbon Cutting at Nerak.

Many people were fascinated about the conveyor belt system and the success of this German based company in our local area.
That job reminded the Vice President of Development at New York Academy of Science that I am a specialist in candid shots and getting people who are socializing to pause and smile for the camera, so she hired me for their recent Gala at Cipriani's in NYC. Close to 500 people showed up and squeezing in front of them to ask them to pose momentarily was no easy feat.  I just received an email from them telling me that they are quite pleased with the images, so all-in-all it was a successful venture.

Editing is always the challenge - whether to give the client ALL of the photos of the night or only my best picks. In the case of Nerak, they were thrilled to have all of the photos - it was like re-living a wedding.  I was a bit more selective for NYAS, getting rid of any images with closed eyes or too many backs. As a rule, though, my husband has learned to stay far away from me on editing days - I am very hard on myself and am meticulous about giving the client the very best images.

When I head out to relax, I don't always bring my big guns (lenses, that is). I generally carry my old Nikon D200 with a 24 mm lens because it is the lightest gear I've got. But it's tough looking at my finished images - they are not as tack sharp as my D700 and the better glass.  Still, it's fun to throw the old camera in my bag and be able to grab a few fun shots on the run.
My sisters and Mom in NYC last Sunday.

As Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching, I am grateful to be a photographer who is getting some nice jobs. I am thankful to have a talent that allows me to capture some of the beautiful vistas this word has to offer. And I am thankful for my wonderful family, good health and the fun of writing and sharing the great adventures I get to experience. Happy Thanksgiving, all and Keep Shooting!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Life is one great adventure

“Do not go where the path will lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

So, I was surprised to see that my last post was only 2 weeks ago and a lifetime ago. I've been to a memorial service in South Carolina, shot school photos in New Rochelle, did an engagement shoot,

a Ribbon Cutting at a Conveyor Belt company, and visited Austin for our granddaughter's first Halloween.
My little lobster with her carniverous Mommy and Daddy.
 Oh, and we sold our house in New York and are buying one in Austin. This is more of a shock to me than to anyone. I never WANTED to move to Texas. I am the Hudson Valley Gal. I wrote tourism articles for years boasting about all of the amenities the Hudson Valley has to offer. I have a website, www.HudsonValleyScenes.com! And yet, we experimented this past summer and rented a condo in Austin and fell in love with it. There is relatively no snow in Austin, the price of living is cheaper than NY and our beautiful little Granddaughter is there and we so want to be a part of her life.
Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans     – John Lennon

And so we are starting a new adventure in life. One that I hope is filled with family and friends coming to visit, lots of new travel experiences and a new perspective on the Southwest. A photographer buddy told me yesterday that the color balance we get used to here is very different than the color balance that is accurate there. Interesting. 

One thing I know for sure, I will always enjoy coming home to this view from the airplane.

Happy shooting, friends, and may you encounter many fabulous new adventures, too.