Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Living my dream

Had lunch with a dear photography buddy yesterday and her enthusiasm for my new lifestyle was contagious. "You are doing everything you set out to do!" she beamed, "you are living your dream."  Yes, I am. Shot a wedding last week and have another one coming up. I'm studying Lightroom and HDR every free moment I can find (isn't that what everyone's reading about in local doctor waiting rooms?).  I've got my website set up so that you can purchase images there and a profit check will be sent to me (eventually).  I am working with someone to build an even more professional site.  The only thing I haven't mastered is writing the travel stories (complete with photos) and hawking them to publications. But wait... we've got a neat road trip coming up followed by a whole NY wintertime which should be a perfect time for doing just that.

Did a portrait shoot for a friend last week and posted it on Facebook – and then got two more requests to take portraits to update people's FB profile picture. Hooray!

My challenge to you today is to take photos that tell a story... or that you want your audience to figure out the story. Like:
Give yourself an assignment. For example, focus only on things that are blue. Or only on round things. There's a whole group of people who seek out letters in the alphabet for their images – this can be an especially fun thing to do in a big city. Just keep shooting and having fun doing it. Read inspiring books on how to get better and look for that great shot that has a subject and tells a story,  I'm still searching for that perfect picture.  

Happy shooting!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shooting means lots of editing.....

Got plenty of shooting last week. Participated in a Beauty and Fashion Shoot thanks to Hudson Valley Click.  It was awesome! There were beauty and hair consultants who prepped the models and we shot onside Wings of Love's studio as well as outside as the evening light was constantly changing. For some reason I felt more comfortable directing young Ronak, an aspiring actor, who happily posed for me.
What do you think of my new watermark/logo, by the way? I'm thinking it may be too obtrusive, but I'm trying to come up with something that defines me.  
Saturday I shot a wedding in Connecticut. The day was a #10 - absolutely beautiful, but the sun was right behind the bride and groom as they said "I Do."  A bit of a challenge. 

Thankfully it went down behind some tall trees right after the ceremony and allowed me some nice light for some nice portraits.
All in all I shot well over 1000 images with both shooting opportunities and it meant a LOT of editing time. I'm still really bad about eliminating duplicate poses. Tell me, if I were shooting an occasion for you, would you rather have the entire event documented or just have me present you with 50-70 of the very best images?
Hudson River Disco Cruise tomorrow night – hope there will be a pretty sunset to shoot!

Happy shooting, all!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Getting into a Groove

Finally feeling like I'm getting adequate shooting time, working time and playing time.  The Greater Southern Dutchess Chamber of Commerce asked me to shoot their "Uncorked Cocktail" extravaganza at Dia:Beacon, a magnificent modern art mecca that has greatly influenced the local art scene exponentially. One is not generally allowed to photograph inside Dia, so this was a rare honor and privilege.
It was a real lighting challenge since sun was streaming in but it was such beautiful light, I enjoyed trying to work with it the best I could (constantly changing my settings).
 To treat myself to some "fun" time, I took my macro to Andy's outrageous garden. There is a wall of sunflowers over 7 feet tall!
The bees were having a field day with them, so I sat back to watch some pretty cool butterflies.

I'm happy shooting. Hope you are, too!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Some creative shooting time

I've been doing a lot of writing lately – not what I PLANNED to do but somehow I accepted a few freelance writing gigs and, bingo, I'm researching and banging away. One interesting article just published at was on How to Get Freelance Photography Jobs. Everytime I wote a suggestion, I had to follow up and TAKE my own suggestion.  So, it took me a while to write, but I already got a posting from a photographer who enjoyed it and thanked me for my tips!

To treat myself to some "me" time, I signed up for a workshop with Robert Rodriguez Jr. that was arranged by Scenic Hudson at it's Long Dock Beacon park.
 It was written up as a "Beginners" class so I thought it might help me with this blog, offering some good tips. Everyone who showed up had "big guns" - I guess they were all followers of Rodriguez's work. He did REMIND me of the IMPORTANCE of having my tripod (which I had taken out of my trunk for full moon pics 2 days before and never returned) and, all in all, we had fun shooting a "not so exciting" sunset in a magnificent setting.
 I also did an engagement shoot this weekend at Pepsico Sculpture Park. Gorgeous day and place but not my best shoot. Bride kept closing her eyes. UGH! How am I going to deal with THAT at the wedding? Stay tuned!

Happy shooting!