Top 10 Favorite Pieces of Equipment

I recently wrote myself up a wish list of all the cool gadgets and equipment I would like to own.

The reality is thought, those are things I WANT. I have already managed to acquire the things I need.

1. First and most important is my Nikon D700.  I had a D200 and a fellow photographer suggested that I would grow in leaps and bounds if I invested in the D700.  She was right. It is just such a great camera, with easy to use controls and it's always dependable and reliable.

2. The Nikkor 24-70 lens. Tack sharp and offers a nice range.  Good for landscapes and events. Mine has even taken a couple of falls and still manages to produce sharp, stunning images for me.

3. Lightroom 3. I'm still learning things about this powerful program, but it does allow me to see all my images quickly, make global changes to them, export them in a variety of sizes for different purposes and make several different versions.

4. Photoshop CS4. While CS5 is high on my wish list, I still enjoy all that CS4 can do.

5. My SB800 speedlights. I have 2 and they allow me to shoot events by bouncing off walls, and shoot portraits by shooting through umbrellas. I would love to own all kinds of great studio equipment, but the speedlights give me great versatility until I hit the lotto.

6. My Nikkor 105 mm lens. Great for macro photography and pretty sweet for portraits as well.

7. My old Nikon ED film lens 70-300. It is frustrating because it has a variable aperture of 1:4 - 5.6 so I don't always get enough light, but it is still sharp and does a great job on portraits.

8. My light green, National Geographic camera bag. I bought 2 others before I found "the perfect one." It holds 1 body, 2 extra lenses, 2 speedlights and extra filters, batteries and accessories with no problem.

9. I recently purchased some plug-ins like Topaz and Nik filters which I am totally loving. They definitely help make a nice photo POP!

10. I guess my tripod. I definitely want a better one, titanium, with a pistol grip and better snaps for tightening the legs, but I am grateful to have a sturdy, lightweight tripod with a quick release that has been by my side for some fun shoots.

Perhaps next week I'll share my wish list with you.  I was going to talk about images that told a story, so I'll leave you with this one.  I hope Santa is simply commenting on the end of a very cold and snowy winter. Uh Oh!


  1. I love your collection of toys and can`t wait for your wish list.. pete

  2. Thank you sooooo much for commenting here. My wish list is growing by the moment!


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