Taking a trip back to Ireland

I just reread the blogs I wrote in 2009 about our trip to Ireland.  An Irish shop I visited recently said they would be interested in selling my Ireland photos, so I have been revisiting the country via Lightroom. One of the great perks of being a photographer is reviewing the landscape, remembering the vistas and moments and mentally being able to recall a special place that brought us wonderful moments and memories.

I also discovered that with advances in technology and things that I have learned in post-processing, I had more pleasing images than I remembered. I also saw that I had a very dirty sensor, and so, I have been mentally "living" in Ireland as I revive some old images and fall in love all over again with the Emerald Isle.

I'm also trying to determine which images might sell, so I'd really appreciate your feedback. Which ones might you like hanging on your wall? 

This is all making me want another trip. Hopefully, the nice people at Sitric will purchase some of my images and other folks can enjoy the memory of Ireland as much as I enjoy it.

Happy shooting, friends and have a very happy Passover, Easter, Springtime!


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