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Great weekend

It was chock-full of good stuff. Friday night was an art opening for a group photography exhibit that I am part of. Nice crowd - the photos look great and it was a good reminder that I've really got to get to work with deciding on which images I am going to use for my solo show in April. Saturday was Mom's 80th birthday and she was happy and it was great to be together with all my crazy siblings. Got to visit with Dad for a short while, too. I am so blessed to have a large, wonderful, healthy family. Sunday we took Andy's sister Margaret for a walk across the Walkway Over the Hudson. It was a magnificent day and we saw quite a few people we knew as we had a lovely stroll from Ulster to Dutchess and back.

Sunday, Sunday

Had a lovely trip down Route 9 last Sunday, reliving memories from past trips down this same route, and speaking to a dear old friend along the way. Stopped and took some pictures along the way. Then I met my lovely daughter, Kiryn in Tarrytown and we went over to Piermont to see the spectacular artwork of Mary Altobelli .  What a lovely day!  Dined at Pasta Amore and saw a brilliant full moon before the day was done.