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Always Nice to Be Recognized

Really nice media coverage on my current show at Strange Brew: The Horn

Watch What You Wish For

  Why is it I always seem to learn the hard way? I thought it would be awesome to have my photographs up at a hip coffeeshop, so I inquired how to make that happen.  Strange Brew is a really cool venue for music, food, relaxing and getting some computing done, so it should be a nice place to show my landscape images, right? Well, yes and no. The venue has two very large rooms and my photos actually look very small there. And there are always people working away at their computers, so it is a bit uncomfortable to wander up and down the rooms to see my 35 images.   And many of my images look lost in these two large rooms I was offered. I should have printed them as large as I could, but I wasn't sure how they would all fit. And it's a very ecclectic collection, with images from New York, New England  and a lot of newer images from Austin, Texas.   So, I started this blog a few weeks ago to invite my friends to see the show, and then I started fee