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Learning a Lot at Photogenesis

Oh yes, and Precision Camera and Scott Sitkowitz gave us an opportunity to shoot a pretty model.  I just came back from a four-day State Convention put on by Texas Professional Photographer Association (TPPA), called Photogenesis. It was inspiring, exhilarating, educational and fun. I met new friends, got pages of notes, learned how to be a better salesperson (thank you, Ross Benton ), felt confident enough to take the CPP test after a day of "Cram for the Exam" (thank you, Steve Kozak ), enjoyed watching beautiful images that were submitted to the photographic competition, and enjoyed the camaraderie of fellow Austin Professional Photography members. (Steve also provided us with a Print Comp Boot Camp to get us psyched to enter future competitions.) Randy Kerr was a wonderful inspiration, first thing on Saturday morning. He quoted Doug Box severl times by reminding us to ask ourselves, "What is the best available light and how can I improve upon it?" He ur