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Fabulous France

We just had the opportunity to tour Paris, Bourges, the Loire Valley, Amboise, Brittany and Normandy on an 11 day Rick Steves Tour .  I'm surprised when I tell folks about this kind of tour and they haven't heard of Rick Steves. Nonetheless, there are still an abundance of "Rick-Niks" out there who know that he is a r espected authority on European travel who's provided valuable information via his books, radio and dvd's since 1976.Rick's  mission is "to empower Americans to have European trips that are fun, affordable, and culturally broadening.'' The Louvre - a very crowded place full of cool art. My daughter went to Italy on her honeymoon armed with Rick's book and was thrilled to have chosen good hotels and managed to get around using public transportation.  I took a look at the book and felt overwhelmed when it was our turn to tour Italy, so I googled Rick's name and was thrilled to discover his " successful small-