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Musings on Thanksgiving Weekend

I started this blog a very long time ago.  My intent was to share photography tips and travel information.  Through the years I did write about both local places to visit while living in Austin, Texas and some great big trips I got to enjoy - France, Cuba, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, America's National Parks and more. The archives are here if anyone at all is interested. If nothing else, it has served as a journal for me.  I certainly don't believe anyone else is reading this. This year has been bizarre with Covid 19 taking over our everyday lives.  No travel...not even to local places that would be so cool to explore.  We moved to Columbia, Maryland this year and I still haven't ventured to see Washington, DC. I believe my last post was about exploring Annapolis which is 35 min. away and my daughter and I just stayed 90 minutes and had to get back to our safe zone (where there were bathrooms we could use).  I would never have believed you if you had predicted this would happ