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Keeping Up With Technology

Here is a picture I took with my iphone using a nifty accessory that I won last week on the Trover Photowalk in Austin. It's called the Holga Dial-a-Camera Effects. I would not have ever thought about such a thing, but since I won it as a prize, I figured I'd give it a try.   The Holga Dial-a-Camera Effects is a cool, inexpensive accessory that works as a protective case as well as provides you with 9 different filters. The filters, one of which quadruplicates the image like a kaleidoscope, can easily be dialed into place to add some pizazz to a photograph captured on the iphone. Read more about it at  My hus band was disappointed when he heard I won a prize using my iphone as a camera, rather than an image captured from the large investment of Nikon equipment I have. I am really trying to embrace today's technology and realize that the iphone camera is a damn good one and it is more AVAILABLE than my heavy camera. Here's me playing with t

Doing my best to capture Austin's weirdness

Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home. I discovered an awesome PhotoWalk yesterday thanks to Photographers Adventure Group and Trover . The concept of Trover was brand new to me - it's a phone app that helps you share life's hidden gems, through photography, with others, and it is evidently very popular in other places in the world and is becoming a hit around here. So, the walk encouraged me to use my iphone as a camera way more than I would normally use it. That didn't stop me from taking close to 300 images with my camera - but it did open my eyes to the social networking capabilities of iphone photography and one of my fellow walkers also showed me some outrageous editing capabilites it has as well. We were instructed to upload our photos as we took them, giving a bit of a description and posting them to the Trover site. This was a technological challenge for me, but I love a good challenge and, at the end of the day I actually won a pretty cool p

Feel Like I've Been Through a Cyclone

Moving is Nuts! The million and one decisions, variables, games that are played and work to be done is all exhausting and insane. But, we finally made it and are beginning to see progress in our new home. Of course, it has meant that I haven't gotten a lot of photography accomplished of late, and I'm definitely behind on blogging, but I am back in the saddle and looking forward to some great, new experiences. Check out the bold colors we decided to go with. This is my new TEAL kitchen with the TERRA COTTA Dining Room in the background. I am loving the new vibes. We hope to re-do the cabinets in the future, but for now it's a pretty nice lace to cook. Here's a view from the other side: Our living room is still a work in progress - desperately in need of some seating, but look how we changed it. So, I guess you can see why the blog has gone neglected. But the best part of being in Austin is being able to enjoy my new status as a Grandma: Look, she's already a N