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Visiting Georgetown, Texas

When I first arrived in Austin, someone told me to check out Georgetown for it's charm and architecture.  It's been on my list of places to explore for the last seven months, and now it's on my list of places I must go back to - preferably on a Sunday morning when the light is low and the crowds are negligible. This trip, unfortunately was on a blazing hot mid afternoon which I know is not a good time to shoot, but somehow I can't help myself.  I just love reflections and Georgetown has a great old town hall right in the middle, with all kinds of coll shops surrounding it on four sides. Here is a reflection of that traditional building. The newspaper building has a "paper lady" sitting outside, made up of all kinds of cool headlines. Naturally she is reading. Cool architecture, fun artwork and a real sense of community, I stopped in a few stores (for air conditioning and research) and it really felt like a place I'd love to live in...or even

Oh How I Love the Beach!

A recent trip to Long Beach Island, on the Jersey shore, brought home to me just how wonderful it is to be beside the ocean. Besides being close to the invigorating water, there are all kinds of special treats at the beach. World's best crumb cake, sticky buns, clam chowda and other assorted foods you just can't enjoy anywhere else.   And there are great sights and sounds.  The smell of the ocean, the feel of the sand beneath your feet, people watching... The boy in this photo is only 3 years old!   And gathering with friends and family is always the best part...sharing meals, playing miniature golf, hanging on the beach...  And, as if that isn't all good enough, the icing on the cake was when my good friend Suzi Hoffman brought me to Watermark Gallery in Tuckerton, show me that some of my photographs (as well as some of her beautiful watercolors and my son-in-law's lovely oil paintings) are on display and are f

A Very Long Vacation

My sister and daughter posing in front of a Peep Show. I always live for the next vacation and I generally pack a lot into to every trip. We just returned from a terrific, jam-packed, family and friend visiting, wedding-filled, fun times trip to New York.   Unfortunately I had written this whole blog and somehow ended up deleting it - so, heavy sigh, here I go again.  During our month-long trip, we got to 2 weddings: One, a very old friend's daughter who looked exactly like her mother did many years ago. Jessica and John Murray And a grand niece of my husband's who did such a great job with making her special day unique and fun. She wore hot pink shoes, the guys wore orange Converse sneakers and the girls wore flip flops with orange and pink flowers. The party was in an open barn and the day turned out spectacularly with lots of children dancing and good old fashioned family fun. Justine Marsh toasting Jennifer and Robert Treto. Naturally I had to squeeze