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The Big Adventure

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans      – John Lennon The PLAN was to travel and photograph and write about the experience (and sell it to a magazine). We DID travel and I DID take an enormous amount of photos (why did I shoot every one of Elvis' rooms in Graceland?) but while we DID get to see some great places, the joy of the trip was in the PEOPLE we visited with. The photos I took tell the story of our days, ad I'm glad to have them but they are not artistic gems that would be coveted by national magazines. On our way to Texas (to visit daughter #1) we stopped off in Gettysburg, Mammoth Caves National Park in Kentucky, Elvis' Memphis home, Graceland (even stayed at the Heartbreak Hotel) and Hot Springs, Arkansas. We climbed up this tower   To get an outrageous view of Hot Springs, where they are know for having springs that are 140 degrees. Over the years, people have flocked there for the healing power of baths in these unusual waters.