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What I Learned From Doing a 365

First of all, I learned that not everyone know what "doing a 365" is. It is posting a Photo a Day for 365 days, generally started at the beginning of a year by faithfully shooting a worthwhile image every single day and getting it posted somewhere for people to follow. I had planned to post it in this blog...I discovered Facebook was an easier avenue and provided me daily feedback. And I am so grateful to my loyal fans. Thank God for that feedback!!!! I was often surprised at which photos got a lot of "likes" and which ones seemed to get very little response.  One of my biggest challenges is always "selecting" what is worthwhile and what is not.  For example, I had a lot of fun with bubbles last year, but even today could not select which of these is my favorite bubble image.   Doing the 365 made me explore new avenues to get creative. I played with smoke and fire and drips – things I had always thought about but never before had made the effor