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Signs, Signs, Everywhere are Signs

The nice thing about Photo Meet-ups is that you learn from the folks you hang out with.  I guess I've always taken pictures of unusual signs. I have one in my office that I got in Hawaii that says "Quiet. Trees at Work." And here's one we found in Big Bend this past spring.  Good advice if you should run into a lion (and there was an absolute possibility that could have happened there). It's also useful when traveling to photograph signs that give you information about where you have been. I could never have remembered the name of this place without my helpful image. But my photo buddy just loved taking photos of murals and letters and symbols for her own personal archives.  She pointed out my initials as we walked around in downtown Austin. That's pretty cool! She recommended keeping an archive of favorite signs and words = "you never know when you're going to be able to use them."  So, now I am prepared for anything as I gr