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Fly Me To the Moon

Note the plane about to land that is BELOW us! A pilot friend of mine has been offering to take me up in his Piper Cub - a 2 seater that was built in 1946 and refurbished more recently - and our schedules just never seemed to mesh. But last week he called and I jumped. The Hudson Valley is a spectacular place to see from the air and we are right smack dab in peak season!   For the most part, the trees are not all changing at the same time and there is still a lot of green, but there are some outrageous clusters of shocking color, especially in eastern Dutchess County,  that make up for the lackluster year. The reds and oranges in these clusters just seem to pop.  What made our flight even more fun was spotting sites that I've written about or visited in the past.  Mid Hudson Bridge and the Poughkeepsie waterfront. Walkway Over the Hudson Walkway Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park. Innisfree in Millbrook Vanderbilt's Estate - one of the smallest o

Kelby's 4th Annual Photowalk

Trophy Point Cadets paused to pose. It still amazes me to discover there are folks who don't know who Scott Kelby is. As a Photoshop nut, I've been following him for years.  He is the founder and president of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) as well as a prolific writer of books, magazines and educational materials for many software programs as well as photography, how to light it and process it. He has made a huge difference in the lives of most photographers and everyone who uses Photoshop. I remember reading his blog 4 years ago and realized I missed the first "Photowalk" where he suggested that photographers get together and help one another learn new things about their photography.  Since missing that first one, I haven't missed another. Three years ago I walked with about 50 other photographers in Coney Island. Last year I stayed local and walked across the Walkway Over the Hudson and this year I was fortunate enough to be