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Looking at life vertically

Chrysler Building Browsing through my images, I realize that I take a tremendous amount of vertical images. Perhaps that's because I used to work as a magazine editor and I see everything as a potential cover. But there is something about vertical images that I really like. It especially works well in NYC with the many spectacular buildings. Grand Central Terminal  Even Grand Central Terminal, which also looks wonderful horizontally, manages to still look stately in a vertical presentation. Not sure what this building is. I saw it in a movie last night and was excited to see that I had shot it not so long ago. Any readers who can help me name this building? NYC is always a place of inspiration and offers so many photo opportunities, no matter what time of day, year, or where you find yourself in the city.  You can even find cows.... And there's always the famous Empire State Building with it's ever changing colors. Empire State Building But you can't

Trying different things

OK, so I had a tough time explaining to my family and friends why I was taking a trip to the Thimble Islands, mid-week, with a busful of senior citizens, without my husband on our 13th anniversary. We rarely do anything celebratory and this trip was only available to Marist CLS (Continuing Lifetime Studies) members, a group I applied for and was fortunate enough to be accepted in (a few years earlier than I anticipated). It seems most of the members are 10-20 years my senior. I am actually the baby.  As I am always up for a worthwhile photographic journey, especially when it includes lunch and no driving, so I signed up. Those seniors really know how to have a good time. They started out by playing with bubbles. I was afraid I'd be like a fish out of water, not knowing anybody. But I pulled out my trusty ipad2 and started showing it off. Before long, I had shared that I used to work for our local newspaper and pretty soon folks were calling me "Miss Poughkeepsie Journal&q

Sure has been awhile

It's important to blog on a regular basis. I read that all the time. You have to keep your audience interested and coming back. That said, I see that I have not lived up to my own expectations. However, I have been active in researching new places, new technology and new ways to try and communicate. While sifting through my images, I see I have been a very busy photographer, even if I haven't been a dedicated blogger.  One of the new places I explored was   Asheville, North Carolina. We visited very dear, old friends.... Who took us to see the   Biltmore, the largest privately owned home in the US.  Surrounded by lush, rolling green mountains, the   Biltmore   is as exquisite inside as it is outside and the grounds are spectacular as well. Getting closer to their own home in Boiling Springs, South Carolina, we even had time to fool around with Einstein. As the owner of a new ipad2, I showed my toy off to friend, Judy, who immediately had to have one. (He