Looking at life vertically

Chrysler Building
Browsing through my images, I realize that I take a tremendous amount of vertical images. Perhaps that's because I used to work as a magazine editor and I see everything as a potential cover. But there is something about vertical images that I really like. It especially works well in NYC with the many spectacular buildings.

Grand Central Terminal
 Even Grand Central Terminal, which also looks wonderful horizontally, manages to still look stately in a vertical presentation.

Not sure what this building is. I saw it in a movie last night and was excited to see that I had shot it not so long ago. Any readers who can help me name this building?

NYC is always a place of inspiration and offers so many photo opportunities, no matter what time of day, year, or where you find yourself in the city.  You can even find cows....

And there's always the famous Empire State Building with it's ever changing colors.
Empire State Building
But you can't lock yourself in. Playing with verticals is lots of fun and I highly recommend it for a creative change of pace. But some things just look better horizontally.  Try it both ways and see what you like best.

Happy shooting friends!

View from 7 World Trade Center.


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