Day Trip with my Daughter

Between Covid 19 and moving from Texas to Maryland, I really haven't seen much of the world this year and that is hard on this travel-loving girl.  Here I am living an hour away from Baltimore and Washington, DC and we are stuck in an unending state of quarantine. 

I needed to break out so I asked my daughter if she'd take an early morning trip to Annapolis with me. "How early?" she wanted to know. She is not normally a photographer and, with two young children, unaccustomed to our "pre-dawn" starts.  "As early as you can," I tried and she and the kids showed up slightly after 7 am.  Popsie stayed with the kids who grumbled that they just wanted to go back to sleep, but Nova was game for a new adventure and we happily drove 35 minute southeast to the beautiful city of Annapolis. 

Court house showed some signs of life. Mask covered guards stood at the door.

Maryland's capital city, located on the Chesapeake Bay is a lovely, historic city with charming architecture.  We drove into the downtown area, ooohing and ahhing over cute little shops and restaurants, remembering the world before Covid. Oh, to be able to go into those interesting shops....

We found parking easily (that wouldn't have happened pre-Covid) and enjoyed our early morning walk on the brick-covered city streets.  What a charming city. We felt like we were on vacation.  Storefronts beckoned despite the fact that few were open. 

I must go back to get one of these adorable penguins

Sign of the times
I lent Nova an old camera and she was having fun capturing the sights as well as I was. She had a good eye for finding some things I hadn't noticed - like a sign in a restaurant window stating "Don't Be Upsetti - Eat some Spaghetti" and an art store window that had an image of blue crabs that she was taken with. 

I always like murals and doorways and stories, if I can.  My favorite image from the day is the one below where two guys were working together but I feel it screams "cooperation," and so, it is definitely one of my favorites.

We did get to run into a great coffee shop for a cup to drive home with.  We didn't get to stay too long but it was a wonderful respite - if only for an hour or two.

The Chesapeake Bay - probably great to explore the waters when life gets back to "normal"

Love the colors, the movement and the gesture in this image, "Cooperation."

Looking forward to exploring Annapolis again in the future. In the meantime, it was a great morning and I wish any readers the opportunity to have the same kind of experience.  

Keep shooting, Friends.


  1. What a great way to introduce yourself to your new surroundings!! The photos bring with them your usual flair and the essence of this quaint town! I look forward to seeing what’s inside these places👍👍

  2. This is great hope Nova had a good time and where are her pictures???? Some great shots.

    1. Hers look a lot like mine. She did get a few different ones but that's for her to share. Thanks for the comment!


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