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Nine Tips to Taking More Interesting Photos

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog! I'm starting a new job - working for a brand new organization called Seekr .  Seekr is a place where you can book an experience with a "Local" here in Austin.  There are some great experiences being offered. In my case, I offer two different kinds of experiences: 1. A 2-3 hour trip around Austin to discover some of the fun spots that can only be found here in Austin, Texas, such as Hope Gallery, Barton Creek, South 1st Street and perhaps SoCo or Mayfield Park, depending on what exactly you like and I'll take professional quality images of you enjoying those places.  2. The other opportunity I am offering, through Seekr is the chance to work one-on-one with you improving your photography , using some great Austin sights as your focus.  When speaking with Seekr's Founders the other day, they asked me what tips I'd offer to take meaningful images of people who are purchasing experiences.  You want to say