Beautiful Untermyer Park

I grew up in Yonkers, NY and yet I only discovered this park last year. Samuel Untermyer was a wealthy lawyer and prominent citizen in New York after the Civil War. His passion was his gardening and he set out to create one "that it be not less than the finest garden in the world." For more information about this amazing set of beautiful gardens, check out Untermyer Garden Conservancy.  

Recently I visited family in New York and after a long, tiring day, my sister Kath came and said "want to go visit Untermyer at sunset?" Suddenly I had an abundance of energy. Nothing sounded better than to see these marvelous gardens at the golden hour.

They did not disappoint.  The light hitting the abundance of unique flowers (at least, I don't see these varieties living in Texas) was just dazzling.  Everywhere we walked seemed to have new treasures to discover.  

And we only stayed in one area - The Walled Garden. I have been there before and there's another section called…

Growing With a Personal Project

I've often heard the suggestion of taking on a personal project - something different than what you are currently working on - something that will challenge you as a photographer and help you to grow.  A few years back I did a "365" project - that was posting a photo a day for a full year. I really believe that I become more creative that year - it forced me to think outside the box to try and come up with new images that might entertain my followers... and I did gain some new followers.

Last October, a speaker at one of the photo clubs I attend, North Austin Pfotographic Society (NAPFs), spoke about and shared his composite images which were totally awesome. So much so that the speaker, Kirk Marsh, just won the Photoshop User Guru of the Year 2018
award.  (check him out, his work is awesome!) I was intrigued and set out to try learning more about composites and portraying myself differently in "selfies" since I am the only model I have readily available.

I h…

Nine Tips to Taking More Interesting Photos

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog! I'm starting a new job - working for a brand new organization called Seekr

Seekr is a place where you can book an experience with a "Local" here in Austin.  There are some great experiences being offered. In my case, I offer two different kinds of experiences:

1. A 2-3 hour trip around Austin to discover some of the fun spots that can only be found here in Austin, Texas, such as Hope Gallery, Barton Creek, South 1st Street and perhaps SoCo or Mayfield Park, depending on what exactly you like and I'll take professional quality images of you enjoying those places. 

2. The other opportunity I am offering, through Seekr is the chance to work one-on-one with you improving your photography, using some great Austin sights as your focus. 

When speaking with Seekr's Founders the other day, they asked me what tips I'd offer to take meaningful images of people who are purchasing experiences.  You want to say a lot in one still…

Shooting the Milky Way

How do I let so much time go by between Blogs? Perhaps it's because I get very little feedback. Is anyone reading????

I started writing this blog when I was working at The Poughkeepsie Journal and I wanted to see if I could share some traveling experiences and tip as well as photographic knowledge with peers on a regular basis.

Somewhere along the way I fell off the wagon and would like to try and come back.  So, if you are reading this and find it valuable in any way, PLEASE comment!!!

This past weekend I had the joy of participating in a Milky Way shoot in Pocontoc, Texas.  I always love going out with my fellow photographers to try and overcome the challenges of space, settings, weather, bugs, atmosphere, and the unknown.  We had all of the above to contend with on Saturday night and I don't feel like I got the very best images, but I had a blast!

First of all, we had to meet early and stop off for good barbeque.  Coopers in Llano had the very best brisket I've ever ta…

Preparing Popsie's Pens

My husband is terrific with wood - he has made many fun things from cradles to a puppet theatre to a giant tractor that now lives on our front lawn - and he recently discovered the art of making wooden pens.  He's enjoying the variety of woods that he can craft the pens from as well as the varied looks that he turns out.  I recently posted some of his pens on Facebook and he immediately got a few sales, so I thought it would be fun to document the process of pen making and let folks know how they might purchase one.

It's interesting to see all the pieces and parts and the effort that goes into forming the tubes that become the pens. He has to select the exact drill bit (and he has MANY to select from)

 Here he is positioning the drill on a tiny X

It's a delicate maneuver. He actually has to go up and down several times so the sawdust doesn't accumulate and mess up his work.

The smoothing process is interesting to see. I know I'd have bumps all over mine if I tried…