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The Southern Experience - A Visit to Hilton Head

I've been enjoying travel this year - Cuba, France, NY and most recently, South Carolina and Georgia.  Each trip has been so very different but this was a getaway jam packed with my sisters and friends and we lucked out on a magnificent week weather-wise and lots of cool adventures. We were celebrating sister Liz's 60th and just happened to luck out on an opportunity to stay at a condo, for a very reasonable price, which was located a few short miles from where her dear friend, Linda, has a beautiful retirement home.  Linda is president of the Sea Turtles Patrol in Hilton Head so we got quite an environmental education while there. I even saved a turtle - albeit the pond type. We toured Daufuskie Island which was quite a treat - an island you can only get to by a private ferry boat, which is 5 miles long and 2.5 miles wide and is steeped with history and charm. Folks get around on unpaved roads with golf carts and everyone seems to know everyone else. Quiet, laid back