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Always Something to Learn

I went on a Spring  Camping Extravaganza  hosted by Precision Camera and Mandy Lea Photo last weekend in Garner State Park. Despite the overcast weather, disappointing sunset and rained out sunrise, I came away with a few worthwhile images and good vibes from a fun photographic get together. My friend, Tricia, made her maiden voyage in her new-to-her Tab Camper, Towanda. I always enjoy an adventure with Tricia.   It was fun meeting the other photographers at a delicious pot luck dinner.  Saturday morning was overcast but we all had a good time seeking out worthwhile photos utilizing the reflections in the water and the fun trunks of the Cyprus Trees.   It was nice and serene in this beautiful spot and I was grateful for the time Mandy spent with me.  She helped me figure out a peculiar setting on my camera and explained why auto bracketing is preferable to manual bracketing. It was nice to catch up with someone who inspires me (her journeys and photography are ver