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Exploring San Marcos

"Photography at it's most potent can transcend mere reportage and reveal our very souls like a magic mirror: to make us think, to make us feel, and to remind us always that we're all fellow travelers on this spinning globe." - Bill Wittliff We heard this was a cool town to visit so we drove about 30 minutes south to check it out. San Marcos is sitting on the Edwards Aquifer and it prides itself on it's clean, clear waters that remain 72 degrees year round. Home to Texas State, you'll likely find many of the college students enjoying the cool waters that snake through the town, swimming and tubing. The Aquarena Center contains a section of the Aquifir that is home to several rare protected marine species and provides Glass Bottom Boat Tours that educate tourists about the ecological and archeological riches of the region. Wonder World is another attractionthat allows you to explore the deep caves created by earthquakes that occurred along the Balcones

Keeping Austin Weird

I just realized that we are starting week three of our adventure today. We left two weeks ago today; took possession of our condo one week ago and have been acclimating and discovering ourselves to beautiful, but hot. Austin ever since.  Austin has a lot to see and offer. They have a very funky sense of art. Graffiti seems to be everywhere. And they love color! There are some magnificent flowers and signs of nature.   And some great places to dine... our list of places to try is quite long.  The Iguana Grill was so good we're going back on Sunday for Andy's birthday. (See views from dining below)   We visited the LBJ Library on the University of Texas campus. Here's what his oval office looked like. It was a wonderful place to explore seeing as how the temperature was 105. The evenings and early mornings are a little cooler. Sunday night I met up with a group of photographers to try and capture the city's ambiance in black and white. But I still like it in col

On the Road Again

I originally started this blog because I wanted to be a traveling photographer, learning about new places, photographing unique vistas and telling people who don't get to travel about some cool cities and landscapes in our world. I began with a trip to Ireland and Scotland two years ago and somehow have gotten a little off track by relating tales of photographic shoots, techniques and things that I've learned that have helped me to be a better photographer.   But here we are on a new adventure, visiting Texas and seeing if we "can stand the heat."  Our first granddaughter is coming and we'd like to be nearby and the reality is, we'd like to be present as she grows up. So, we're checking out Texas and I'm seeing what I can photograph here. There seems to be an abundance of "different" things - the architecture is different; signage is bizarre and they really seem to like color and spunk. So, that should keep me busy for awhile. Tomorrow