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Let The Dancing Begin!

As a member of a very large family, I am blessed with plenty of photographic options. Three of my beautiful and talented nieces are all excellent dancers. I've watched them perform over the years and tried to capture their movements - not an easy task since I am generally stuck behind some large-headed relative who loves to wave to their favorite dancer, blocking a large part of my image.  I spend a lot of time in editing - cropping out those crazy heads. And I've learned that if I take a LOT of pictures, maybe I'll get one or two good ones.   I've learned a lot over the years thanks to the challenge of no flash and sitting a long distance away. I'd like to share some tips for those who would like to capture these precious moments. My nieces Daphne and Kim. This is one shot I knew I got the second I snapped it. I was lucky enough to have a straight shot and I was prepared for the moment. 1. Sit next to someone who knows which acts your favorit