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Revisiting Scotland

I've been working at re-creating my website, . It had been a place where I uploaded just about everything I shot and so it had gotten very cluttered and unwieldy.  It was time to clean it up and try and show, and hopefully sell, prints of the very best photos I've taken. It has meant a visual trip through many trips taken in recent years.  Looking at my Hawaii photos from 2003 reminded me of what a great trip that was, but showed me that I have improved as a photographer since then.   While it was great remembering the seal we almost tripped over on a beach, most of the images were small .jpgs and fairly poor quality. The image above of the Na'Pali Coastline, taken from a helicopter window, was one of the best. Last week I revisited the Aran Islands in Ireland (a place I go back to in my thoughts when I am having difficulty sleeping).  The photo above is my husband stopped on his bike, patiently waiting for me to take the picture. Oh how I love th