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Sharing the great thoughts of others

Just read a GREAT essay by Scott Bourne, entitled "Seven Steps to Becoming a More Creative Photographer"  and wanted to share it: .  Step one was "organize your photos in more than one way."  Sounds like a good plan for these snowbound days.  The article was so good that I printed it and posted it on my bulletin board to read again and again. I especially like the idea of pursuing more poetry and music to gain a better sense of rhythm.  I suppose I should just "Tweet" this but I am still shoveling my way through the blizzard of social media. (and the blizzard of a New York winter)

Just made a book of some of my portraits

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Make lemonade....

"Creativity is perhaps best described as a combination of inventiveness, imagination, inspiration, and perception."                                                                      -Bryan Peterson I generally start each day looking for some inspiration. We are so fortunate to live in a time where there are endless sources of free blogs/websites/tutorials to ignite us (all too often to distract us, as well). I subscribe to several of these and enjoyed photographer and author, Bryan Peterson's suggestions via on shooting reflections. I've read several of Peterson's books and they are filled with all kinds of great information for photographers (as well as great images). He reinforced the concept that  local mentor, Michael Nelson , once recommended, that you make time each and every day to shoot, shoot, shoot. Last week, despite ice storms and more snow than anyone wants to deal with, I did make the most of my days by getting out and shooting wh

Out of commission; but Back in the Saddle now

Came down with strep last week but the worst part was, I had a coughing fit while on my feet and threw my back out. Thankfully my husband nursed me and I slept for three solid days. I discovered that was much better medicine than trying to "continue on" which I've done in the past and ended up suffering with a bad back for close to six weeks instead of this much more reasonable 3 days. I did miss getting out there and shooting but I was entertained by watching the images my photographer friends posted on Facebook while I was down and out.  I felt well enough to help shovel our walkway and get out to take a few images in the latest 10" we got. Poor Santa. He's really hoping to get back to the North Pole soon. I was able to attend the Photo Competition at Dutchess Regional Professional Photographer's last week and did feel good about having two of my images receive merit scores. There were many spectacular images presented that evening, so it was a tough n

Off to a fresh start

Well, first work day of the new year and I've been organizing, catching up on updates from my some of my favorite photographers, and just generally looking out to the year before us. As for traveling, we are planning a trip to the beach in a couple of weeks. What, are we nuts? Winter at the beach? Well, we thought it would be a good time to do a little real estate research and perhaps get some innovative new photos. I did well last year selling my beach pictures at the beach, so perhaps I can get a new perspective in January.  So, I'm looking forward to our beach trip.   In February we're going to visit Austin, Texas. Hopefully we'll find a kinder, warmer climate. Again, we're researching where we'd like to live and Austin will bring us close to our first Grandchild.  Right now we're having fun exploring all alternatives. I can wear my "Keep Austin Weird" t-shirt and fit right in. After 18" of snow last week, Austin is looking better and bet