Make lemonade....

"Creativity is perhaps best described as a combination of inventiveness, imagination, inspiration, and perception."                                                                     -Bryan Peterson

I generally start each day looking for some inspiration. We are so fortunate to live in a time where there are endless sources of free blogs/websites/tutorials to ignite us (all too often to distract us, as well). I subscribe to several of these and enjoyed photographer and author, Bryan Peterson's suggestions via on shooting reflections. I've read several of Peterson's books and they are filled with all kinds of great information for photographers (as well as great images). He reinforced the concept that  local mentor, Michael Nelson, once recommended, that you make time each and every day to shoot, shoot, shoot.

Last week, despite ice storms and more snow than anyone wants to deal with, I did make the most of my days by getting out and shooting what I thought told the story of the days. Above is my Christmas Cactus that FINALLY bloomed despite me (First time in 4 years).

An icy branch, finally catching Mr. Red Cardinal and a walk while it was snowing.

And a beautiful sunset from my bathroom window.
Keep on shooting, friends! And keep on getting better and better!


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