Off to a fresh start

Well, first work day of the new year and I've been organizing, catching up on updates from my some of my favorite photographers, and just generally looking out to the year before us. As for traveling, we are planning a trip to the beach in a couple of weeks. What, are we nuts? Winter at the beach? Well, we thought it would be a good time to do a little real estate research and perhaps get some innovative new photos. I did well last year selling my beach pictures at the beach, so perhaps I can get a new perspective in January.  So, I'm looking forward to our beach trip.
In February we're going to visit Austin, Texas. Hopefully we'll find a kinder, warmer climate. Again, we're researching where we'd like to live and Austin will bring us close to our first Grandchild.  Right now we're having fun exploring all alternatives. I can wear my "Keep Austin Weird" t-shirt and fit right in. After 18" of snow last week, Austin is looking better and better.

I'm thinking of trying out Savannah in March. Stay tuned.
All in all, I'm looking forward to new photographic opportunities and the chance to experience life at it's fullest. Meanwhile my husband is researching cruises where you save money by deciding last minute to take off.  Looks like this just might be a real great year!
Happy shooting!


  1. Savannah is a wonderful old city that has and is undergoing renovation.. love the old homes..if you don`t move to austin, make sure you are close to an airport that flies to Austin..


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