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When in DC...Be sure to check out the Newseum

  Perhaps it's because I spent a lot of years in the newspaper industry, but I just HAD to check out the six-floor, jam-packed NEWSEUM in Washington, DC. Located at 555 Pennsylvnia Avenue, smack dab in the middle of everything that is cool to see in DC, the Newseum is an interactive museum dedicated to journalism, photojournalism, how we approach the news, who has given their lives in pursuit of telling the truth, and what events have rocked our world.   We started our tour with a look at actualy pieces of the Berlin Wall.  We had been to Berlin and seen remnants of the wall, that only came down in 1989 - a short 25 years ago - and got to read and hear about the influence that that wall had had on the German people. The wall separated family and friends for 29 years - those living on the East side were under a strict communist regime and were forbidden any contact with the outside world. Many died trying to get from the East side to the West. Mind boggling to see scenes