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A Discussion of Successful Photography

"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."                                                  –Albert Einstein I am feeling totally inspired after reading an ebook provided absolutely free (for a limited time) by one of my favorite photographers, Robert Rodriguez, Jr.  This 45 page .pdf book, "Insights from Beyond the Lens: Inside the Art and Craft of Landscape Photography" can easily be downloaded for an ipad or as a .pdf. I actually did download it onto my ipad a month ago, and immediately enjoyed looking at the pictures.  Rodriguez's stunning landscapes are always amazing – he captures breathtaking images of seemingly perfect settings. His philosophy, "less is more," and his holistic approach to enjoying the experience while studying light and shadow and balancing these with composition are what makes the final image appear "perfect." Go to to see more of what I am attempting t

Levitating Your Subject

I belong to several Meet-up groups. They are a great way to hang out with other photographers and shoot different things than you normally might shoot. I was intrigued recently when I got an invite to join a session of "Levitation Photography." People floating in thin air? How can we make that happen? I was wondering if there was going to be some machinery that allowed people to be blown by strong air currents into a floating position. No such luck. When we arrived, it was explained to the group by the leaders, that Levitation Photography is actually a popular cult technique that students and photographers are playing with. Google it and you'll see all kinds of images others have come up with - you'll even find several You Tube videos telling you how to attempt it. Or, go here to see more. Organizers Bryan and Allen told us all that there are two basic ways to achieve a "floating blissfully in the air" look. One is by instructing your subject to