A Discussion of Successful Photography

"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."
                                                 –Albert Einstein

I am feeling totally inspired after reading an ebook provided absolutely free (for a limited time) by one of my favorite photographers, Robert Rodriguez, Jr.  This 45 page .pdf book, "Insights from Beyond the Lens: Inside the Art and Craft of Landscape Photography" can easily be downloaded for an ipad or as a .pdf.

I actually did download it onto my ipad a month ago, and immediately enjoyed looking at the pictures.  Rodriguez's stunning landscapes are always amazing – he captures breathtaking images of seemingly perfect settings. His philosophy, "less is more," and his holistic approach to enjoying the experience while studying light and shadow and balancing these with composition are what makes the final image appear "perfect." Go to http://robertrodriguezjr.com/ to see more of what I am attempting to describe.  The photo below, he talks about as a "failure" and explains why in the text below the image

This image is one he describes as a success. He explains that successes are made by learning from our failures, and in the long run "Those who view and enjoy your work will only remember the successes."

In the long run, I preferred reading the .pdf.  I was impressed by the layout and the multimedia presentation of the ibook (especially his video-walk through the Hudson River School of Photography), but my poor eyes are getting old, and so actually reading the copy on my large monitor was far easier for me. 

I was fortunate enough to have taken a workshop with Rodriguez two years ago.  In this ebook he reminds me of the importance to stay motivated (and avoid clutter).  Today I was inspired by reading his carefully chosen words (and quotes) and he also provides a reading list of books that have inspired him.

Rodriguez works hard to create images that "go beyond the ordinary" and he is a very generous teacher who provides excellent information on his website, in his blog, in his newsletters and especially in this wonderful gift of an ebook.

"Success is not counted by how high you have climbed but by the people you brought with you."
                                                                            –Wil Rose

Robert Rodriguez, Jr. must be very successful because he knows how to take many people along with him and yet he continues to surprise us with newer and better images all the while he teaches and inspires and provides wisdom and beauty to anyone willing to share the vision.


  1. Chris, thanks so much for taking the time to review the ebook and for your very kind and thoughtful words. As you well know, I'm a firm believer that giving is the surest way to succeed, for it gives each day meaning and makes the time I spend with others, like you on the workshop, totally worthwhile.

    Best of luck and any way I can help, just let me know!


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