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Shooting What I Like Most

I have hit a crossroads - having always wanting to be a professional photographer and having spent two years attempting to market myself as "I can do everything." And I have thoroughly enjoyed doing a whole lot of things. I've done weddings (it's like running a very stressful marathon). I've sold cards and small matted prints in local gift shops. I've gone to a lot of seminars and won a few awards.  I've done events and marketing photos and now I've landed in Austin, Texas and am trying to figure out, what next? I am still smitten by the bug that demands that I go out and capture life's beautiful moments.  My favorite subject of late is Miss Charlotte. Being a Grandma is more fun than I could have ever imagined and having a subject who is so willing to look right into the camera and smile for me is especially awesome.  Now my largest problem is, what do do with the thousands of pictures I take of the dear child? We recently had a date