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Searching through the archives for "the best"

Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer – and often the supreme disappointment. – Ansel Adams While I constantly feel compelled to capture a scene,  I have a difficult time looking through my images, many of which are really quite lovely, to find one or two that I'd like to submit to competition. I have participated in competitions for years. They are, in a word, brutal. Judges tell you why the image would have been better if it had been taken at a different time of day, from a different perspective, if it were only darker, or lighter, or had fewer distractions. Spectacular images are presented to the judges. The audience pauses, not daring to breathe, and then the judges proceed to say that the image is good, BUT.... And once again, after having spent hours trying to decide which were best and which I should submit to the ridicule, I carry my images home feeling depressed that, once again, I have not "scored." Somehow this process does educate

Merry Christmas and Thank You

'Tis the season to recognize others and the impact they have on your world. I am very grateful to the people who have put their trust in me and allowed me to photograph their events and be part of the special moments in their lives. I am also grateful to those of you who read my blog.  I don't get a lot of feedback (feel free to respond in any way!) but every now and then someone tells me they've been reading and it makes it all worth my while!  Hopefully, in 2011, I'll do more "behind the scenes" articles where I'll show you what the set up looked like and what challenges we met. I was blessed this past week with being asked to take portraits of some very beautiful young women of varying ages, all who made great subjects. They make photography easy and a pleasure to edit. Here's wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, a holiday filled with love and laughter and a year to come complete with many, many wonderful, photographic moments. Happy Holida
Been busy this week with a nice variety of tasks. Shot a young boy who is contemplating modeling and had fun with his younger brother as well who looks like he'll make a great director/manager for his sibling. I hope to go back and take some outdoor shots as well. I think the texture of the rocks in his backyard and a barn down the street will make some great backgrounds. I also shot a dance company's recital. It was full of energy and capturing the young women was quite a challenge.  The one above is my favorite. I shot a one year old's birthday party. She is part Korean and they dressed her in her mother's traditional garb to see how she would choose her destiny. As you can see, she'll be a scholar since she immediately went for the book. On Monday night I shot a nonprofit event at Locust Grove, Samuel Morse's Estate, that provided Women in Transition with spa treatments.  It was a lovely event and I actually got to do some much needed networking as we