Been busy this week with a nice variety of tasks. Shot a young boy who is contemplating modeling and had fun with his younger brother as well who looks like he'll make a great director/manager for his sibling.
I hope to go back and take some outdoor shots as well. I think the texture of the rocks in his backyard and a barn down the street will make some great backgrounds.

I also shot a dance company's recital. It was full of energy and capturing the young women was quite a challenge.  The one above is my favorite.

I shot a one year old's birthday party. She is part Korean and they dressed her in her mother's traditional garb to see how she would choose her destiny.
As you can see, she'll be a scholar since she immediately went for the book.

On Monday night I shot a nonprofit event at Locust Grove, Samuel Morse's Estate, that provided Women in Transition with spa treatments.  It was a lovely event and I actually got to do some much needed networking as well as get a facial, so taking photographs definitely has it's perks.

It's been a productive week - and one where I've had computer and phone issues as well. But I am a much happy camper when I keep busy and creative, so it's been a fulfilling week as well.  I am looking forward to a Fashion/Photo Op Teenage party this coming weekend.

Happy Shooting!


  1. I love your commentary. Also love the dance recital picture, and the one of the boy pulling his tie down.

  2. Thanks. I always have a hard time deciding which images to put in competition, so I really appreciate the feedback!


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