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Top 10 Favorite Pieces of Equipment

I recently wrote myself up a wish list of all the cool gadgets and equipment I would like to own. The reality is thought, those are things I WANT. I have already managed to acquire the things I need. 1. First and most important is my Nikon D700.  I had a D200 and a fellow photographer suggested that I would grow in leaps and bounds if I invested in the D700.  She was right. It is just such a great camera, with easy to use controls and it's always dependable and reliable. 2. The Nikkor 24-70 lens. Tack sharp and offers a nice range.  Good for landscapes and events. Mine has even taken a couple of falls and still manages to produce sharp, stunning images for me. 3. Lightroom 3. I'm still learning things about this powerful program, but it does allow me to see all my images quickly, make global changes to them, export them in a variety of sizes for different purposes and make several different versions. 4. Photoshop CS4. While CS5 is high on my wish list, I still enjoy a

Getting back to what I love best...Photography

This is the image on my business card. You would think people would realize that I TOOK the photo (why would a photographer use someone else's image?) but it seems to be a source of conversation with folks when I meet them and share my card that I tell them that it IS a photo I took. Sometimes it springs a conversation about "where and when" but on the whole, I do need to remind people what it is that a photographer does.  I've been creating several promotional materials lately and it is mind boggling letting people know about all of the different kinds of photography I do.  I know it would be better to "specialize" - I've read all kinds of things recommending that you market to ONE audience letting them know that YOU are the professional in one particular kind of photography. I do love landscapes - but I also like to make money and selling landscapes is really a huge challenge. I do love capturing people. Below is Annie, the lead singer of Approachi

Social Media 101

"The wonderful thing about modern technology is the amount of communication and information-sharing it facilitates. And the awful thing about modern technology is the amount of communication and information-sharing it facilitates."                 - Mark McGuinness, author of Time Management for Creative People                                      recommended by Robert Rodriguez, Jr.  I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by today's technology and keeping up with it vs. getting out there (in the cold!) and making new images. I understand that I have to develop an audience and let folks know what I do, but the variety of ways to do that today seems all consuming (leaving little room for my artistic creativity). I attended a seminar today, provided by my local Chamber of Commerce ( DCRCOC ), SCORE and Verizon on Twittering (Tweeting?). Debbie Gioquindo was the lovely host who was an absolute fountain of information - so much so that I feel more like a neophyte than ever be

"I get by with a little help from my friends" - John Lennon and Paul McCartney

"The miracle is this: the more we share, the more we have."                                                                                      -Leonard Nimoy Just wanted to talk about the importance of forming a good, supportive network. I am so blessed to have several "bff's" - at least that's how Sandy O'Shea Viola puts it. I believe she means "best photography friends" as opposed to the best friends forever acronym that the kids like to use. At any rate, I am so glad she considers me one of her bff's because she is a truly talented photographer who has been an amazing friend and resource and who is willing to share trade secrets, techniques and frustrations. She's also an inspiration as she posts a daily photo on Facebook - her 365 Day Photo Challenge. And each one seems to be better than the day before. Another fantastic photographer who has become a very valued friend and who has made herself available to help me with a s