Social Media 101

"The wonderful thing about modern technology is the amount of communication and information-sharing it facilitates. And the awful thing about modern technology is the amount of communication and information-sharing it facilitates."
                - Mark McGuinness, author of Time Management for Creative People                                    
recommended by Robert Rodriguez, Jr. 

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by today's technology and keeping up with it vs. getting out there (in the cold!) and making new images. I understand that I have to develop an audience and let folks know what I do, but the variety of ways to do that today seems all consuming (leaving little room for my artistic creativity).

I attended a seminar today, provided by my local Chamber of Commerce (DCRCOC), SCORE and Verizon on Twittering (Tweeting?). Debbie Gioquindo was the lovely host who was an absolute fountain of information - so much so that I feel more like a neophyte than ever before. She provided pages of links to ancillary sites that do things like make your url smaller (who knew?)

I've had an account but really haven't known why or what to do with it. Here are her dot points for why to Twitter:
instant feedback
instant q & a
instant recommendation
instant referrals
turns you into a resource for others
instant marketing
find conversations
find like minded people
see what others are saying about your company
easy to partner with other businesses and see what your company are doing and selling

OK. So I like the turning me into a resource for others. So let me ask my followers (do I have any?), what exactly can I share with you that will make you want to continue following me? I can babble on about Social Media, or tell you about the newborn photo shoot I did the other day...or perhaps you'd like to hear about "How to Make a Good Photo Composition."  Now that I can tweet, I can be a resource for all kinds of things. Want to know how to use InDesign?  How to plan a vacation? Or would you just like to see some recent photos and hear a little about their background? I'd really like to make this blog more useful and get more followers, so please help me out.

Otherwise, I'm just going to have to spend more time shooting and less blogging and tweeting.

Happy shooting!


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