Getting back to what I love best...Photography

This is the image on my business card. You would think people would realize that I TOOK the photo (why would a photographer use someone else's image?) but it seems to be a source of conversation with folks when I meet them and share my card that I tell them that it IS a photo I took. Sometimes it springs a conversation about "where and when" but on the whole, I do need to remind people what it is that a photographer does. 

I've been creating several promotional materials lately and it is mind boggling letting people know about all of the different kinds of photography I do.  I know it would be better to "specialize" - I've read all kinds of things recommending that you market to ONE audience letting them know that YOU are the professional in one particular kind of photography. I do love landscapes - but I also like to make money and selling landscapes is really a huge challenge. I do love capturing people.

Below is Annie, the lead singer of Approaching Storm.

This takes a lot of marketing to get the word out...and I am working on that. I've done lots of advertising photography because I worked for the Poughkeepsie Journal and they sent me out to shoot all kinds of restaurants, jewelry, clothing stores, doctors offices, etc. Another tough market to connect with.  

I can handle EVENTS - Retirement parties, Sweet 16's, Special Birthday parties, nonprofit events, WEDDINGS - you name it! 
I'm ecclectic. What can I say? Now to try and get an audience to recognize this and pass my name along. If you or someone you know are looking for a photographer, remember me! See more at my website:

Thanks for spending time reading this.  Happy shooting yourselves!


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