On the Road Again

I originally started this blog because I wanted to be a traveling photographer, learning about new places, photographing unique vistas and telling people who don't get to travel about some cool cities and landscapes in our world. I began with a trip to Ireland and Scotland two years ago and somehow have gotten a little off track by relating tales of photographic shoots, techniques and things that I've learned that have helped me to be a better photographer.

  But here we are on a new adventure, visiting Texas and seeing if we "can stand the heat."
 Our first granddaughter is coming and we'd like to be nearby and the reality is, we'd like to be present as she grows up. So, we're checking out Texas and I'm seeing what I can photograph here.

There seems to be an abundance of "different" things - the architecture is different; signage is bizarre and they really seem to like color and spunk. So, that should keep me busy for awhile.
Tomorrow we'll explore San Marcos. Can't wait. Life is just one big adventure. Jump on the merry-go-round or it may just pass you by.

Happy shooting, friends!


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