Exploring San Marcos

"Photography at it's most potent can transcend mere reportage and reveal our very souls like a magic mirror: to make us think, to make us feel, and to remind us always that we're all fellow travelers on this spinning globe." - Bill Wittliff

We heard this was a cool town to visit so we drove about 30 minutes south to check it out. San Marcos is sitting on the Edwards Aquifer and it prides itself on it's clean, clear waters that remain 72 degrees year round. Home to Texas State, you'll likely find many of the college students enjoying the cool waters that snake through the town, swimming and tubing. The Aquarena Center contains a section of the Aquifir that is home to several rare protected marine species and provides Glass Bottom Boat Tours that educate tourists about the ecological and archeological riches of the region.

Wonder World is another attractionthat allows you to explore the deep caves created by earthquakes that occurred along the Balcones Fault 30 million years ago.
San Marcos has plenty of personality and great places to eat. But our favorite part of our visit to San Marcos was a visit to the Wittliff Gallery of Southwestern and Mexican Photography located on the 7th floor of the library at Texas State University. The black and white images by Mariana Yampolsky were just breathtaking! They made me really want to explore black and white in greater depth. She really captured people beautifully and her skill with black and white film was truly admirable.

San Marcos is also known for its outlet malls, but that's just not our thing. We're out looking for great photo ops and, while San Marcos is charming, our day in the hot sun didn't provide me with thrilling pictures. That's the way it goes - some days are better photographically than others - but you've always got to be scouting for good opportunities.

Happy shooting, friends!


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