Hello Old Friends

We've been unpacking boxes since moving to Maryland two weeks ago. A lot of my "stuff" seemed so important to me when I packed it and now that we are in a new place, it seems so excessive. I need to get rid of a lot of things. But yesterday, unpacking my earring trees, I felt like I was welcoming old friends into my new home.

There's the earring I got for my sister's wedding, and the one's someone gave me when I was diagnosed with cancer. I wonder if she knows how meaningful they were to me then and how I think about her every time I wear them...24 years later.  There are the natural rock ones my daughter, Kiryn gave me because she much prefers rocks than gems. There are the very first pair my husband, Andrew gave me. There are ones I inherited when an aunt died and many I received as birthday or Christmas presents.

Moving is difficult and unraveling all of the stuff that we carried along is confusing and stressful.  But finding my old earrings, even though I haven't worn any in the past weeks of Covid, was such a joy and I am grateful to anyone who ever took the time to select a pair of earrings for me.  Those memories are all alive right there in my new room as I gaze at my 4 earring trees and remember all the kindness and thoughtfulness that has been provided to me.

Keep your memories alive, folks - keep shooting the beloved things around you!


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