Getting Out and Shooting Again

Whew. This has been some year. Not only are we all dealing with Covid 19 which has forced us indoors, but we made a cross-country move in May from Austin, Texas to Columbia, Maryland.  As a friend reminded me, we were lucky that we were so all-consumed by the move and didn't obsess on the world's problems.  But as a photographer who loves traveling and documenting the beautiful world around us, I was getting extremely antsy.

So, last week I woke up early and took a trip to beautiful downtown historic Ellicott City.  I had actually lived in this same neck of the woods 40 years ago and I knew that Old Ellicott City had a charm that includes history, art and architecture, nature and food.  The streets are hilly but you never know what kind of cool shop you'll stumble upon. I am just dying to explore this cool, old Fireman's museum. 

There is also the oldest surviving train station that I'm dying to share with my grandsons. 

And oh, I had forgotten how much I missed fine dining until I saw this charming place.

And then there were some "oh so cute" shops - all closed since it was 7a.m. as I strolled around. But oh, my do I want to get to know them and perhaps sell some of my images there as well. 

As I strolled down the hilly Main Street, I discovered a lovely natural area. The website claims this is the valley of the Tiber and Patapsco Rivers. I am sure that is what makes it such a charming place. 

As a new Maryland resident I am really looking forward to spending a lot of time getting to re-acquaint myself with this area but as a responsible quarantiner, I'll have to enjoy the brief photo trips to keep myself creative and remember what a big, beautiful world we live in.  This last image shows the new world we live in - be safe and careful out there, friends! And keep on shooting!


  1. WOW your photos make Maryland look great! I know you will find all the interesting spots; like you do and I can’t wait to see them and hear about your experience. Well done!


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