Keeping Up With Technology

Here is a picture I took with my iphone using a nifty accessory that I won last week on the Trover Photowalk in Austin. It's called the Holga Dial-a-Camera Effects. I would not have ever thought about such a thing, but since I won it as a prize, I figured I'd give it a try.

The Holga Dial-a-Camera Effects is a cool, inexpensive accessory that works as a protective case as well as provides you with 9 different filters. The filters, one of which quadruplicates the image like a kaleidoscope, can easily be dialed into place to add some pizazz to a photograph captured on the iphone. Read more about it at 

My husband was disappointed when he heard I won a prize using my iphone as a camera, rather than an image captured from the large investment of Nikon equipment I have. I am really trying to embrace today's technology and realize that the iphone camera is a damn good one and it is more AVAILABLE than my heavy camera. Here's me playing with the filter on my front lawn.

One of my young, fellow photographers also showed me an app on the iphone called Camera+ that allows you to create all kinds of effects with the photos in your gallery.  It kept me entertained yesterday when we had to sit in a service waiting room waiting for our car to be inspected.
I was able to play with the clarity, depth of field, give it a vignette - you can even make something look retro or grunge. And you can use this app to set up a 10 second exposure. It's got more possibilities than PhotoShop!

Well, I'm not about to give up my good gear, but in researching this article, I see I am miles behind on all of the information, groups, clubs and contests involving iphone shooting and apps. I am determined to catch up. It is a wonderful resource to realize you've got a pretty great camera right in your pocket whenever you need it. 

I was able to take these with my phone and post them right away to the Trover site to let folks know what a great place the Ladybird Wildflower Center is:

It was so nice to have my sister in town - let me get out and find new places to shoot and allowed me to have two very pretty models. 

Keep shooting friends, and challenging yourselves to the new technology that is available! Ciao!


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