Pre wedding fun

You wait and wait and in the blink of an eye it's all over.  I want more! I want to re-live the day again.  Guess I can by telling about it here.  Our trip to Austin was awesome, albeit short. Mom, Andy and I stepped off the plane on Wed. March 2nd at 4 pm and immediately felt like we were on vacation. The day was warm (70ish) and we headed to Nova's to be with Kiryn and David for a barbeque. Nova had made delicious bride and groom cookies that held us over while we waited for David Evans to come home and do some grilling. It was so nice to sit OUTSIDE and enjoy AIR and see the beginnings of buds and all kinds of signs of spring.

Fast forward to Thursday, another glorious, sunny day and we enjoyed every moment by enjoying the backyard again, headed to the peacock park, hiked Mount Bonnell and then visited Ladybird's Wildflower Gardens.
Thursday night was "Meet the Parents" and David's father and step-mother were absolutely great people. Great Tex-Mex food and wonderful company. Who could ask for more? Friday we set out to get our nails and hair done and then suddenly it was time to get dressed and head for the wedding......


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