Trip to the Beach

Following the theme of getting away, I am happy to report that I just returned from a 3 day "Girls" weekend at Long Beach Island in NJ. My "girl friends" are as young as 18 and as mature as 87 and all 6 of us are creative, intelligent compadres who enjoyed a lot of laughs and way too much great food.

As all my weekends go, it also provided me with a nice modicum of photography.
 Notice how the lines all lead you into the picture. Look for patterns and textures and lines. We were fortunate to have such a beautiful sky. Gray skies make good light on a subject but are horrible in the upper part of a photo.  On a gray sky day, focus tighter on your subject. Try and cut out the sky entirely. If you are photographing people, put them up against a brick wall or a weathered building - the texture will add to feel of the picture. Don't put people in front of a very busy background - it distracts the viewer from seeing what is important.  Keep it simple. Fewer elements are better than many elements. Happy shooting!


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