What I Learned

Shot a Sweet Sixteen party last weekend and learned a few things.

One thing is that I don't need to take quite so many photos - and I need to learn to be a better editor. Posting 400 images is a bit much....even when the birthday girl looks like Cinderella.

Another thing...I'd like to learn a technique for dealing with glasses.

And, I need to figure the crop in camera better, too.  To make a print of the image above, I have to either chop off his shoulder or her hand. I chose his shoulder - her hand looks terrible chopped off.

Also, I need to utilize my extra flash more. I own two and the second one would have helped fill in the girls in the back, but I get flustered and forget to bring out the tools that I have invested in. I need to slow down and make sure everything is RIGHT before pushing the shutter. I allow the momentum of the day to propel me, rather than taking the control I need to take.
Despite my scolding myself for what I did wrong, I did get some awesome shots.
And Ariana had a great time being the star. She even got into posing with each of her friends before the evening was over.
Shooting Sweet Sixteen's is fun! I'm available for hire! And I promise to get better and better!

Happy shooting folks!


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