Day 6

Had a great time shooting with Photographers Adventure Meetup Group on Sunday, Day 6 of my 365 project.  There was a fairly large group of photographers.  Tim Babiak brought along a model, Sarah,  and gave an excellent tutorial for shooting portraits in the bright outdoor light.  The group split us into two groups, some of whom shot along Austin's Congress Street, and some of whom stayed to get some shots of Sarah. I chose to work with Sarah since I have been focusing a lot on the other kind of photography lately and I'd like to do more portraiture.  After many shots of the beautiful Sarah, I still chose the shot above for my shot of the day. I love reflections and the Capitol Building is such a cool building. The sky was a magnificent deep blue and the view from across the street just seemed to be "picture perfect" to me.

Still, I believe I captured Sarah rather nicely.  Here are some of my favorites.

It's always fun to watch the other photographers.

It seems we'll do anything to get a good shot!

Happy shooting friends!


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