What Hasn't Made It

I have been enjoying posting a photo a day on Facebook, every day since January 1st. It is a challenge that is making me a better photographer and hopefully more in tune with new concepts and details.  Some days are frustrating and I feel like I have no pictures "good enough" and other days I get 3 or 4 great ones and can't choose which ones to post. Certain friends have suggested that I "save" those really good ones for the "less creative" days, but that feels to me like wanting to reread "Hamlet" and having someone hand me the Cliff notes. Not good enough. They are only MY rules but I have a sense of integrity and who am I cheating by posting an older image? Me, that's who.

So, I stick to my own rules - a new photo every day - TAKEN that day. So, what to do with the "good" ones that didn't "make the cut?"  I thought I'd show some here and discuss why they didn't get posted on Facebook.

 This one was a nice look at downtown Austin but, having photographed the skyline before, I felt I had many more compelling images, so this one just didn't feel like my very best work. Like, for example, this one that I took last year.

I like this Peace sign, and I can see myself in the reflection, so that is fun, but that day I was lucky enough to get several other imsges that I felt were more emotional and compelling. This was nice, and certainly would have been OK on a day I didn't grasp anything worthwhile, but it just didn't show off my photographic abilities and my grasp on how to see something that others don't necessarily see.

Really cool look at the inside of a pointsettia, but I got an even cooler version right after this one. (see next)

Another one I found a lot of fun was this one of a man riding a horse in downtown Austin.  I love the feel of it but I also feel that there is too much clutter in the image. Wish I could have gotten closer and gotten fewer signs and more Capitol Building. Makes me want to go back and try for it again.

Here's one from last weekend that I really liked:

Pretty but kind of cluttered and the subject really gets lost. Here's the one I chose from that shoot:

Strong subject, peaceful feeling, image I am really happy to have captured.

Thanks for visiting friends. Keep on shooting and improving and letting me know what YOU like and don't like. 


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