Shooting a Birthday With Some Challenges

I have to say, I have the best job in the world - getting to shoot all kinds of fun events where people are happy and celebrating and generally looking their best.  A five year old birthday party at the brand new Austin Aquarium  sounded, at first, like the perfect gig.  Brooklyn is a beautiful young lady who I had photographed before so I really looked forward to her party.  The only problem was, the Aquarium was dark, over crowded, and the children were far more interested at looking at the fish tanks than my camera, leaving me with only their backs to photograph.

But this is where being an experienced photographer comes in handy.  I was prepared with the proper lighting set up - my flash on a bracket to give plenty of light and prevent red-eye - and a battery pack on my hip so that the flash would fire continuously.  I was able to get to the opposite side of the tanks most of the time, to try and capture the awe of seeing these bizarre sea creatures.

The Aquarium provided opportunities where the kids could speak to an expert and even get to touch and feed some of the critters.

But, best of all is capturing the reason why everyone was assembled - to celebrate Brooklyn's turning 5. So, I was able to get shots with her Mom and with her friends, which, after all, was the most important part.

Brooklyn had a "Frozen" themed party and her group of friends were all happy to be there and enjoy the pizza and cupcakes and birthday fun.  Knowing my lighting and being ready for the most important moments help me capture the special memories at Brooklyn's birthday party.  These treasured moments go so fast - it is so important to catch them and reminisce with them.

I am available to shoot all kinds of events. Please remember me when you are celebrating something - a retirement, engagement, birthday, First Communion, Anniversary.....any of life's precious moments.  See more of my work at

 Thanks for stopping by. Let me know if YOU have any photographic challenges!


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