In Search of an Iconic Background

So, I had fun providing headshots for the women in a band called Miss Jones and the Furrballs a few weeks ago. They market themselves as a "hilarious musical show band guaranteed to entertain," and they are an absolute hoot! They have each taken on persona and it takes them a sincere amount of time to get made up into their different characters.


They were wonderful models, as they are naturals for posing. We did some group shots but, unfortunately, one of their band members dropped out and they needed a group shot ASAP since they need posters for an upcoming performance.

Cry Baby

I suggested an outdoor shoot since the weather (and lighting) were perfect and they jumped on the idea to try and pose in an iconic Austin setting.  Now, our challenge was, it was a Saturday night and we had to deal with Austin traffic and a parking challenge.  That said, I believe we found a few good locations.

First, we found a nice retro background outside of an office building. Simple, geometric and it didn't distract from the group.  They even had fun doing their own rendition of Abbey Road....they called it "Tabby Road."

We then moved on to a cool old bus outside of the restaurant El Arroyo on 5th.  This made a wonderful setting and got the ladies a lot of attention on the street. They were able to pass out a lot of cards to folks who were curious about what we were doing.

Miss Jones and the Furrballs

We shot some in front of a stone lion and in front of two giant, metal Mexican musicians and then hopped in the car to try and get the Austin skyline.  As it turned out, there was no parking to be had anywhere and the skyline itself is actually kind of messy right now with giant cranes and scaffolding.
So, onto the Capitol building!

I don't know what was more fun, shooting the pictures, watching passer-byers expressions or hearing Cry Baby call hi to everyone as we drove through the streets.  If you have a chance, go see a Furrball concert (I believe there is one coming up soon at Baby A's). 

And if you love photography, keep finding great places and people to shoot! And, have fun y'all!


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